Work of sections
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Social-Ecological Problems of the present in the historical retrospective
Chairman: Alexey V. Kozlenko
bui1ding 1, room 315

Section 1
Education for sustainable development
Chairman: Stanislav А. Stepanov
bui1ding 1, room 412

Section 2
Philosophical and environmental challenges of modernity
Chairman: Valeriy A. Klimenko
bui1ding 1, room 415
Section 3
Medical ecology: biomedicine, genetics
Chairman: Anatoliy N. Batyan
bui1ding 1, room 21
Section 4
Epidemiological and hygienic evaluation of human environment
Chairman: Sergey V. Petrenko
bui1ding 1, room . 413
Section 5
Bioecology, bioindication, bioremedition, biotechnology
Chairman: Demirak Ahmet
bui1ding 1, room 401
Section 6
Radiobiology, radioecology and radiation safety
Chairman: Maria G. Germenchuk
bui1ding 1, room 417
Section 7
Regional environmental problems, environmental monitoring and managment
Chairman: Edmund Langfelder
bui1ding 1, room 22
Section 8
Energy saving, energy efficient technologies and energy management,
renewable energy sources
Chairman: Vasily А. Pashinskiy
корпус 1, ауд. 310
Section 9
Information systems and technologies in ecology and health care
Chairman: Vladimir A. Ivanukovich
bui1ding 1, room 309
Ecological-oriented physical education and human health
Chairman: Elena L. Matova
bui1ding 1, room . 106

Environmental legislation and formation of world peace in interest of sustainable development of the republic of belarus
Chairman: Tatsiana P. Kononchuk
Roundtable, Chamber of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, Sovetskaya Street 11

Global bioethics: biosafety strategy in the social context
Chairman: Таtiana V. Mishatkina
bui1ding 1, room 312

Updated 11.05.2018